The future of AI-powered operating rooms

Unlock the full potential of your operating theater using computer vision & AI.

The innovation surgeons deserve, and hospitals need

VitVio is the first platform built around AI and computer vision with the goal of making operating rooms safer and more efficient.

Surgery progress monitoring

Perform more surgeries in a week, improve scheduling, and staff allocation through automated reports with surgery stage breakdowns and real-time surgery runway estimates.

Equipment and tool tracking

Cut costs from equipment waste and reduce procedure times through CV-powered surgical tool tracking and intelligent routing to missing tools.

Protocol adherence detection

Surgeon’s second pair of eyes to increase patient safety, improve ratings and reduce liability. Our system will autonomously track and report protocol adherence and violation incidents.

Optimized OR cleaning and prep

Through OR cleaning and preparation tracking, we will reduce infection risk and OR turnaround time, while helping staff in delivering high quality of services.

How do you deploy it?

Connect to your system

Connect your EHR with ease to ensure complete synchronization.

Use our platform

Step into the future of healthcare by using our cutting-edge platform.

Safety and security are at our core

HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

We adhere to HIPAA and GDPR guidelines at every stage by using encryption and ensuring the data is anonymized.

Patient privacy without compromises

Automatic face blurring and option to block out sensitive areas. Private information never leaves the operating room.

Full Transparency

Your data will only be used when and where you agree. We keep your data secure.

End-to-end encryption

The data you agree for us to process in cloud will always be end-to-end encrypted according to the highest standards.

Frequently asked questions

Our technology uses advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze video feeds from operating rooms. It tracks staff, patient, and equipment movements to help eliminate bottlenecks, streamline processes, and enhance hospital productivity.

Absolutely. Ensuring the security and privacy of our clients’ data is our utmost priority. We follow all the relevant data security protocols and comply with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines to ensure all data is securely stored and accessed.

We designed our system to integrate smoothly with existing hospital infrastructure. Our team will work closely with your IT department to ensure the integration process is efficient and disruption-free.

Our technology is designed to be non-intrusive. The cameras are typically installed in unobtrusive locations and our system is designed to operate quietly in the background, without any interaction required from your staff during their work.

We strive to design our system to be as low maintenance as possible. Our team provides comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure any impact on your IT department is minimized.

Take your operating rooms to the next level

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