Vision AI
Surgical Ops
Unlock the full potential of your operating theaters
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Innovation for surgical teams
Efficient operations mean you can do more, with less. Improve scheduling and staff allocation through automated surgery progress monitoring and real-time runway estimates.
Leveraging AI and computer vision to
make operating
more efficient
with less administrative burden
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Improving your outcomes and reducing staff burnout
AI in Surgery
How it works
Reducing Tool Waste
Cut costs from equipment waste through AI-powered surgical tool tracking
Surgery Runway, Action Triggering
Giving operational actionability into events around the operating block
Tailored Learning
Staff training based on real surgeries from your hospital
Your ORs have
Untapped Capacity
Operating rooms make up to 40% of hospital expenses
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Higher Profit
Varying by hospital and procedure type

Reduce unplanned overtime, risk of last-case cancellation, and unnecessary tool waste.

Performing just one additional hour-long case per day, an operating suite could increase its profitability by $300,000 per year.


Every team member perfectly aligned and informed — that’s the OR efficiency we strive for.

Dr David Rawaf
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Analyzing OR workflow with computer vision isn't much different from analyzing player stats during a game, but here it's saving lives.

Mikolaj Basza MD
Medical Advisor

VitVio’s autonomous platform is set to revolutionize how we approach surgery, making our processes more efficient and effective. Keeping us focused on what’s most important — the patient.

Deacon Farrell, MD
Director of Anesthesiology, Southern California Hospitals
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at our core
Safety & Security
HIPAA and GDPR Compliant
We adhere to HIPAA and GDPR guidelines at every stage by using encryption and ensuring the data is anonymized.
End-to-end encryption
The data you agree for us to process in cloud will always be end-to-end encrypted according to the highest standards.
Full Transparency
Your data will only be used when and where you agree. We keep your data secure.
Patient privacy without compromises
Automatic face blurring and option to block out sensitive areas. Private information never leaves the operating room.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does your technology work?
Is the data collected by your system secure?
How easy is it to integrate your technology with our existing hospital systems?
Will the use of cameras in the operating room interfere with our staff's work or distract them?
With the use of this technology increase our IT department's workload?